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A Modular LEGO® Dungeon System

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This web app provides instructions and part lists for custom built LEGO® dungeon modules. By copying the XML data of your wanted list, you can easily order the needed LEGO® bricks from bricklink.

Modular Brick Dungeons

Build your own modular dungeon and choose from many different themes like castle, cave or tavern.

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Microscale Modules

The system is built around a 2x2 studs grid (15.8mm). Common battle map tile size is 1" or 25.4mm, which would correspond closer to a 3x3 or 4x4 grid. Please be aware that standard RPG miniatures or LEGO® minifigures do not fit, unless the grid size is extended (which is possible).

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Monsters & Heroes

Brickbuilt microscale monsters and buyable LEGO® Heroica microfigures.

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Wall modules can easily be plugged together via side studs. When reconnected in any figure, floor plates are kept in place.

Durability over aesthetics

Since modules might get rearranged and shoved around, the usage of loose or easily torn off parts is reduced to a minimum.

Common parts

Most parts used are common LEGO® bricks. Very few modules contain rare or expensive parts and are labeled as such.

Reusable parts

No need to rebuy base plates for every theme. All wall modules use the same base plates.

2x2 grid

Floor plates used in all modules are always of the same type and color - to display the 2x2 grid. Feel free to customize!


Of course, any module can easily be extended and modified. It's still LEGO® bricks!

Become a Brick Dungeon Master

More content to come in the future. Feel free to join our Discord to share your thoughts, ideas and feedback!


This web app provides custom built brick modules for a modular micro-scale LEGO® dungeon system. Each module can be added to a wanted list in XML format. All LEGO® parts can then be ordered on bricklink by pasting the XML data into the form field provided (requires a bricklink account). This service is free of charge.


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